Dotphoton APP: High quality pictures needing less memory

13.02.2018 11:31

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Dotphoton app

Swiss imaging start-up Dotphoton launches its first mass market product: a camera app for iOS with built-in compression algorithm. The app offers compression with ratio up to 1:10 and still allows to preserve all quality of RAW images. A desktop software for professional photographers will follow in summer. 

Within just a few years iPhone has become one of the most widespread cameras in the world. The camera has getting better technically (2 lenses, better sensors) and allows to shoot in RAW for two years now. Raw image filescontain minimally processed data from the image sensor. However RAW files’ great quality was overpowered by their huge size of up to 25MB per image in case of iPhone photography. It is a permanent compromise between the quality of an image and memory of the device.

Dotphoton has now launched a solution with its iPhone app. The compression algorithm is packed into a radically minimal camera app for iOS. It allows to shoot in RAW but in new, smaller RAW leaving plenty of room on the phone memory and allowing to send RAW images by mail. In addition the app offers two gallery modes. A preview mode in jpg and — a world premiere — a gallery in RAW to look at the full quality images in details.

Eugenia Balysheva, CEO of Dotphoton comments: "Being a photographer myself, I saw my colleagues struggle when archiving or transmitting their RAW images. I am glad that after working on industrial B2B solutions, Dotphoton can finally bring to market products for photographers as well.”

B2B customers in several market segments
Until now, Dotphoton specialised on bespoke industrial B2B solutions which provide compression to different industries struggling with big amount of image data. “Between our partners and clients we have representatives of several of these markets, for them we provide custom built solutions created for a particular market or even client need”, explains Eugenia Balysheva. In addition, there are B2B compression solutions for the photography market which the company provides to camera or sensor manufacturers. Dotphoton’s technology can be integrated directly into the sensor and provide not only compression but different engineering advantages, like for example reduced power consumption.

Desktop software this summer
Dotphoton APP is the first product in the mass market product line. It will be joined by Dotphoton Pro, a desktop software, later this year. Dotphoton’s RAW converter software will allow photographers to compress RAW images, but keep their usual editing and archival routine. “RAW image data handling is by far one of the biggest pain of professional photography market, and since both cofounders are professional photographers, they are more familiar with it” says Eugenia Balysheva.

This is also why Dotphoton aims to establish a new universal RAW format. Eugenia Balysheva: “Today, this world is full of different RAW formats and different, often hardly compatible software. Dotphoton suggest this new image format .P which can become the first universal RAW format which combines great quality of lossless formats with practicality of the lossy ones. It means, that we can achieve interoperability which will be an advantage for photographers and for scientists. So, one of the reasons we decided to launch the Dotphoton APP is to give an opportunity to the imaging professionals to try the technology and to make it more widespread.”

(Stefan Kyora)

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