Pitching event with international investors

16.02.2017 12:04

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On 28 February, four well known VCs will be in Zurich for a pitching event made possible by FinanceFox and organised by digitalswitzerland. Start-ups can still apply for a slot.

Foreign investors like Swiss start-ups - about 70% of Swiss growth financing comes from abroad. A good example for this is FinanceFox. Investors of the fintech start-up include Horizons Ventures, Target Global, IDinvest and Speedinvest. They participated in FinanceFox’ CHF27 million financing round in September 2016.

Representatives of these four investors will be in Zurich on 28 February for a pitching event, a unique opportunity for Swiss start-ups.

The participating VCs are:

Horizons Ventures: http://horizonsventures.com/

  • Industry: Industry agnostic - but very much focused on tech innovation
  • Investment range: 2M - 1 BN

IDinvest: http://www.idinvest.com/fr

  • Industry: Industry agnostic
  • Investment range: 1M - 20 M

Speedinvest: http://speedinvest.com/

  • Industry: Fintech, Deeptech, Consumer Tech
  • Investment range: 100K - 1M

Target Global: http://www.targetglobal.vc/

  • Industry: Industry agnostic with focus on Fintech
  • Investment range: 500K - 100 M

Each VC will have two sessions of 45 minutes, in which selected start-ups will present themselves. The pitches will be held between 1:30pm and 3:15pm on February 28 at the offices of FinanceFox in Zurich.

The event was made possible by FinanceFoxand and is organised by digitalswitzerland. Start-ups can apply via email to info@digitalswitzerland.com


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