OneVisage SA closes Seed financing round

28.02.2017 09:00

OneVisage SA, a Lausanne based startup specialising in 3D facial authentication technology, announces the successful closing of its seed financing round. The funding will accelerate the industrialization of its patent pending 3DAuth solution.

The seed round has been led by Polytech Ecosystem Ventures with participation from SICPA Finance, a leading government security company, and angels, including Maxim Lyadvinsky.

The funds will be used to secure sales and R&D talents to bring 3DAuth technology to a first production-ready version and enable initial production later this year. Currently, OneVisage works closely with early adopter customers, including leading banks in USA and Switzerland. The pilots will prove the superior level of security, universality – more than 80% of smartphones in the market – and architecture flexibility compare to other biometric solutions, while preserving great user-experience and cost-effectiveness

“Thanks to our 3D facial authentication technology and solutions, financial services, cybersecurity, identity & access management and healthcare providers, will soon propose simple, secure, universal and cost-effective authentication solutions to end-users. Unlike other biometric modalities, 3DAuth technology is hardware agnostic and runs on any consumer-grade mobile device using a 0.3 MP frontal camera. This turns to be a major game changer as OneVisage can potentially enable hundreds of millions of people on the five continents to access digital services in a truly secure way, regardless if they own low-entry or high end mobile devices”, said Christophe Remillet, CEO of OneVisage.

“OneVisage enables financial services and Identity Management providers to verify the identity of customers and protect the digital identity of individuals”, said Polytech Ecosystem Ventures’ manager Guillaume Dubray. “As cybercrimes now represent more than $ 400 billion to businesses worldwide per year, it becomes urgent to stop identity frauds without sacrificing user-experience. OneVisage has developed a simple and strong 3D facial authentication technology and is positioned to become a key player in the digital identity market.”

“Future mobile phones equipped with 3D cams will enable reliable password-less authentication for mobile users. OneVisage is the perfect fit here, offering strong authentication that is stronger than 2D face recognition and stronger than fingerprint”, said Maxim Lyadvinsky.

Pic: OneVisage twitter


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