Visionarity launches a new product: Kelvin4Labs

24.02.2016 08:45

Visionarity AG, leading provider of corporate engagement programs, announced the release of its Kelvin4Labs Program to foster energy efficiency in the laboratory. A pilot project at a major global pharmaceutical company recorded positive results than initially expected.

Building on its Energy module for offices, Visionarity has developed the Kelvin4Labs program to encourage energy efficiency in the laboratory. By using real-time data on energy consumption in an engaging team competition, Kelvin4Labs helps to train lab workers not only in lab safety, but also in energy efficiency.

Kelvin4Labs combines the most engaging educational and gaming features from Visionarity’s platform to optimize energy efficiency while promoting lab safety.

“In a pilot project at a major global pharmaceutical company in Basel, participating labs reduced the energy used by their fume hoods by an average of 47%. This represents a projected reduction in total building HVAC costs of 37.6%” said Daniel Bermejo, CEO at Visionarity AG. “Kelvin4Labs is an opportunity to lower costs, improve knowledge of lab safety regulations, and give employees a fun way to engage with their co-workers”.

 “Fume hoods perform a critical role in lab safety by exhausting hazardous gases from the lab. However, each hood uses as much energy as three households. Lab workers are at the interface between safety and energy efficiency, because only they know when it is safe to power down.” said Khanh Nguyen, CTO at Visionarity AG.

About Visionarity:
Visionarity AG, a Swiss company founded in 2012 provides organisations an online platform to engage their employees in friendly competitions to adopt more sustainable habits in areas such as Energy, Health and Mobility, in a supportive and educational context.

The challenges use Gamification (concept of applying game mechanics to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals), to engage participants and encourage the individual behaviour change.


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