Typesafe Changes Name to Lightbend

23.02.2016 08:39

Typesafe is one of the most successful Swiss ICT startups. Brands like Walmart, Verizon and Samsung are using the platform of the company. Now the startup changes its name to Lightbend because the market and the company has changed.

Typesafe, the company behind Reactive Platform, changed its name today to Lightbend and announced Lagom (Swedish for “just right”), an open source Microservices framework designed to simplify and accelerate application infrastructure modernization.

In a blog post Mark Brewer, CEO of Lightbend, writes: “When we were founded in 2011, the name Typesafe was in alignment with our developer community and our Scala go-to-market approach. Over the past five years, the market has changed dramatically, and so has our company, with more than half of our customers representing traditional Java enterprises. We continue to evolve, becoming more language agnostic as we help our customers adopt a full platform for building systems that answer the modern needs of enterprises; systems that are productive across the entire platform, that are fully Reactive and natively embrace new Microservices and Fast Data architectures.”

Commenting on a critical question on the blog Brewer explains: “We are definitely not moving away from our commitment to Scala! It is core to all of our technologies - Play, Akka, sbt, Scala IDE, Apache Spark, Lagom and the Reactive Platform. Our investment to Scala will not diminish because we are meeting the needs of enterprise Java developers.”

Scala was developed by Martin Odersky, a professor teaching at EPFL and co-founder of Lightbend. Scala is a typical pivot language: it supports functional programming, but combines it with classical object-oriented methods. Scala – on which platforms such as Twitter are based – is regarded by many as a possible successor to Java on the JVM platform. Odersky's language is platform-independent, extendable and scalable, enabling it to develop alongside the requirements and users of the next generation of software.

Lightbend has offices in San Francisco, Lausanne and Uppsala.


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