Tech startup raises $1m in Seed financing

26.02.2016 14:17

Inpher, Inc., a new software startup based in Switzerland and Silicon Valley, has built technology to enable secure search on encrypted data. Sensitive information can be searched and computed without knowing its content.

With Inpher’s technology, security conscious enterprises can leverage the scale of cloud computing because the provider is never exposed to the information being processed. Typically, when data is searched, the provider hosting the data sees everything as plaintext, so that results are quickly ranked and retrieved. This common practice exposes sensitive information and fails to comply with regulated industries.

Inpher has launched a software development kit named _open that encrypts data at its inception, while supporting search and basic analytical functions without decryption. Industry applications range from banking, insurance and healthcare to platforms for managing Internet of Things (IoT) devices. “Many companies have been apprehensive to implement end-to-end encryption for their unstructured data because it can be difficult to deploy and precludes them from effectively using that information,” said Jordan Brandt, cofounder and CEO, at Inpher. “Our goal is to make it easy for developers to secure data at the application layer and use their existing search and storage infrastructure. This is foundational technology for the future of computing; ciphertext is the new plaintext.”

Inpher secured US$1 million in financing from PolytechEcosystem Ventures and prominent Silicon Valley angel investors last year. It has been in private beta with leading companies across multiple industries who are trying to solve the same problem; protecting large sets of unstructured data with sensitive information, and finding a secure path to the cloud for computing big data. With its public launch, Inpher’s _open toolkit is now available to the global developer community.

When asked how Inpher’s offering impacts the current debate on encryption and government access, Mr. Brandt stated, “Global citizens will ultimately decide what is best, and engineers who are equipped with the right tools can ensure that our privacy and physical security are not mutually exclusive.”

About Inpher, Inc.
Inpher is a veteran team of entrepreneurs, cryptographers and software engineers who believe that encryption is foundational to the future of computing. The technical team including CTO Dimitar Jetchev is based in Lausanne. Jetchev is a well-known cryptographer and professor at EPFL. Inpher’s tools empower developers to build secure applications without being security experts, and provide the capability to search and compute on encrypted data throughout its lifecycle.

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