Swiss Startups outstrip the Mobile industry

22.02.2016 14:55

CTI and Alpict have selected the sixteen most innovative Swiss startups in the mobile industry to present their products and solutions in the SWISS Pavilion at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona from today until Thursday, 25th February 2016.

The Swiss Pavillion organised by CTI/KTI, AlpICT and Switzerland Global Enterprise offers Swiss startups the opportunity to present at the MWC 2016. Every year, the most innovative startups are selected from various categories to present their products at the MWC in Barcelona. The congress brings together delegates from across the mobile ecosystem all over the world to do business, collaborate and set a vision for the future. Startups thus have opportunity to enhance their presence though a marketing campaign, create and develop their networks as well as meet influential persons in the Mobile industry.

The selected 16 startups are:

42 Matters
42matters has developed a big data solution that provides intelligence based on each user’s app graph to determine their demographics and interest profile. 42matters integrates with the leading DMPs: advertisers can use custom audiences or access predefined segments to reach new mobile customers within the platform of their choice.

FANPICTOR is a Fan Engagement Software that generates a new Income Stream for Sports Teams, Events and Music Acts while growing and activating their and their Sponsors’ Fan Base.

Kitewalk offers dynamic mobile marketing solutions featuring a unique and exclusive combination of geo and time-targeted content to small and large companies. Companies can use an app to deliver geo-located messages to their customers. The solution also includes a communications-platform which provides statistics, commentaries, updates, and web services.

Konduko is a fast-growing business focusing on proximity technologies (NFC, RFID, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & iBeacons) that create a digital handshake between Brands and Consumers.

Beekeeper is the leading mobile communication tool for enterprises with non-office employees.

3db Access
3db presents a highly integrated ultra-low power single chip technology for centimeter-precise secure distance measurement and positioning. The technology is an enabler of numerous applications including keyless access control to vehicles, buildings, and mobile payments as wells as all applications which require centimeter-precise indoor and outdoor location information for tracking and navigation.

ComfyLight develops novel in-home security products and services. Its first product is a simple and elegant security solution built in a sensor-packed light bulb and a smart phone app.

OrbiWise is a leading technology provider for Low-Power Wide–Area wireless networks that are expected to connect over 5 billion devices in 2020. OrbiWise has developed an innovative radio communication platform optimized for sensors and actuators, based on LoRaWAN standard.

OneVisage is a leading Swiss cyber-security company that develops a disruptive digital identity platform for Financial Services, Identity & Access Management (IAM) Providers, Integrators and Mobile Operators.

New Voice is a software developer and systems integrator company in the areas of security. The “MobilCall” is a Unified Event Communication platform focused on security-related functions in various environments including hospitals, retirement houses, industrial plants, hotels, banks, public services and many others. MobileCall offers a unique and innovative multi-application information server for automation and productivity control that can be integrated in every strategic business processes or business critical communication.

YOTY is a smartphone buddy that helps children protect their privacy and to stay safe on social networks. Combining latest deep learning techniques and contextual education, YOTY can: Identify private and inappropriate content on social networks, advise and educate children about the risk, provide children an immediate way to change or delete risky content, and keep parents updated about the child’s progress.

Golden Frog
The startup created VyprVPN to enable Internet users to achieve a high degree of privacy and freedom. VyprVPN is a fast, highly secure personal VPN that encryptst users’ Internet connection. VyprVPN has apps for all devices and platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, TV and router. With 700+ servers in 50 locations worldwide, connections are always available.

Hyetis offers connected watches, designed and manufactured in Switzerland. Hyetis watch is considered a world premiere – a classic mechanical movement within a connected smart watch, this way combining the traditional Swiss know-how and the advanced telecom and electronic technologies from today.

AirConsole is a web-based virtual console that enables users to game from anywhere and at any time with their smartphone or any internet aided device. The App provides users with a low-latency and auto-scaling infrastructure as well as a simple API and boilerplate controller code to get started. Users can enjoy a library of free multiplayer games including karaoke, racing games, quizzes, classic arcade games, card games and more.

hoolio is an online platform that brings fun into fitness. The app makes it possible for users to work out with friends, integrate their wearables and track their fitness progress. The app is incorporated with a library of video work out to that suit anybody’s lifestyle.

Teclo Networks’ transparent TCP/IP data optimization software accelerates mobile data traffic. Teclo software boosts network speeds for 3G, LTE and WiFi and is deployed in several tier one operators, as well as a number of smaller operators, MVNOs and enterprises.


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