Swiss Startup Summit – a new platform for the Swiss start-up ecosystem

26.02.2016 13:15

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With the Swiss Startup Summit, the marketing company Digital Marketing Schweiz, which has already developed, produced and marketed the “Startupfair” start-up trade fair for a Zurich incubator, has created a TV, digital and event-based campaign platform for all participants in the start-up ecosystem. The location for the big final closing event 2016 is Fribourg in June.

The Swiss Startup Summit is a platform, which follows the format of a several-month campaign, including a large final event, pursues the objective of generating the maximum possible benefits for start-ups. It also promotes Switzerland as a business location, as well as its start-up ecosystem, at a national and now international level. All participants in the Swiss start-up ecosystem have therefore been invited to actively use the platform and to present its programme to support their own advertising activities. The platform is already being supported by the Canton of Fribourg and several other partners.

The campaign has been set out in such a way that it runs on different TV stations including joiz and the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), the state broadcaster in South Africa, over several months. It gives participants a stage with a high reach, which it would not be possible for any start-up to finance. Experts, investors and start-ups are also brought together during the entire campaign.

National startup competition
The campaign, lasting several months, offers a variety of elements, for example, a national start-up competition, which is produced in a novel TV format and broadcast via various channels over a period of months. The finalists in the so-called Showdowns are invited to the big closing event at the Forum Fribourg, where a dazzling new TV format that includes the Swiss Startup Award is produced and broadcast internationally. In addition, the participating start-ups will get high-quality video content for free.

Guest country South Africa
Besides this, an important part of the concept is the participation of a guest country – i.e. each year the Swiss Startup Summit is also the stage for the start-up scene of another nation. In 2016 the Republic of South Africa is the guest country. This means that a number of South African start-ups and students are given the opportunity to present their projects to potential Swiss partners at the innovation stage.

Who is being addressed?
Besides start-ups, the potential targets are start-up service providers, incubators, investors, professional associations, universities, large companies / SMEs, the media, students, and anyone who is interested in the start-up scene in Switzerland.
The campaign for the Swiss Startup Summit begins on 24 February and ends on 24 June with the big final closing event at Forum Fribourg.

About Swiss Startup Summit
Swiss Startup Summit GmbH is a development or spin-off of Digital Marketing Schweiz.

Digital Marketing Schweiz is a young award-winning full-service marketing agency with a focus on digital and event marketing. DMS was founded in 2013, and in the same year it designed, marketed and produced the “Startupfair” 2013/2014 start-up trade for a Zurich incubator. The young enterprise was honoured with the Swiss Marketing Trophy for this – the highest award in the Swiss marketing industry, which is given for particularly innovative projects.

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