OneVisage announces world premieres in 3D facial authentication means

19.02.2016 14:53

OneVisage will unveil the first 3D facial authentication platform that enables transactions in 5 seconds at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

OneVisage is an award-winning and leading 3D facial authentication company that develops breakthrough digital identity solutions for financial services, Identity & Access Management (IAM) providers and mobile operators. The Swiss start-up announced today that the alpha release of its 3DAuth PaaS platform as a service will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2016. SelfiLogin mobile application alpha release is also part of the new 3DAuth PaaS proposed to financial services and IAM providers to enable easier, safer and more cost-effective digital banking services for mass-markets. 3DAuth PaaS is also first 3D facial biometric solution to implement a context-sensitive algorithm that adapts the accuracy of the biometric capture to the nature of the transaction (low, mid or high-value transaction).

“We had many discussions with customers, prospects and partners last year and identified urgent needs to first deliver an off-the-shelf digital identity platform as a service and second, demonstrate that our technology was able to deliver fast performances. By preserving superior level of security and without sacrificing the end-user experience, of course. It was a big challenge. That’s why we are really excited to unveil 3DAuth PaaS alpha release, the first 3D facial authentication platform as a service at MWC 2016. 3DAuth PaaS can now perform 3D facial authentications in client mode (FIDO UAF design) or server mode. Depending on where the biometric model is securely stored, either in the mobile device or server, digital service providers will be offered the choice to decide which option best fits their use cases and business models.” said Ronny Guggenheim, Chief Commercial Officer, OneVisage.

“For MWC 2016, we fixed the objective to perform local 3D facial authentication in 5 seconds. Compared to the 45 seconds it took last year to perform high-value transaction authentications in server mode, this is a huge performance step! Especially if you think that the face model accuracy has been improved while capturing 30’000 points in 4 seconds instead of 8 last year. But we won’t stop here and we aim to perform low-value transaction authentication journey time, end to end, in less than 3 seconds this fall. This performance objective is very important to show off to service providers that 3D facial biometric modality is now ready to be massively adopted by digital consumers.” said Christophe Remillet, CEO, OneVisage.

(Press release)

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