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01.02.2016 11:49

Interprefy AG, a Zurich-based language service company developing simultaneous interpreting solutions, has raised CHF 400k from management, Board and private investors. The funding will be spent on customer acquisition and improvements of the cloud-based platform.

Interprefy has developed a browser based interpreting platform, which allows participants to use their smart-phones as headsets and interpreters to work remotely. Since the interpreters need not travel and no heavy equipment must be installed on-site, conference organisers can now offer simultaneous interpreting to smaller events such as workshops, seminars and meetings for which simultaneous interpreting in the past was too expensive.

The company was founded in autumn 2014 and has 4 employees and an active non-executive board. First products have been sold and extensive tests are being conducted with the UN in Geneva, with international sports organisations in Lausanne and with a leading Swiss bank in Zurich.

In March 2015, an initial “family & friends” round of financing as well as a follow-up round in August provided capital for further development. Interprefy has now announced that the company has closed a seed round. The funding will allow Interprefy to acquire more customers and to improve the cloud-based platform.

Interpreters are already very satisfied with the solution. A senior interpreter in Glasgow wrote after testing: "My experience was entirely positive. The software has now been refined to such an extent that interpreting proved exceptionally simple, thanks also to the clarity of the sound and the ease-of-use of the software. My English was then interpreted simultaneously into five or six other languages. The feedback from the other interpreters – which I received in real-time from all of them through the chat window – was that the whole system had worked flawlessly. Even if there had been problems, it would have been easy to resolve them rapidly and effectively, since everyone involved was linked up and was in constant communication. In short, the system is now working like a dream. Very well done to everyone at Interprefy, I’m convinced Interprefy’s solution has what it takes to trigger a hi-tech revolution in the interpreting industry!”

More information about Interprify can be found on the website. A video explains how Interprefy works.

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