HYT opens eponimous boutique in Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

10.02.2016 13:08

The Rule breaking Independent Swiss luxury watch brand, HYT, opens first boutique in Kuala Lumpur luxury mall, Starthill Gallery. With a luxurious space of over 1200sqft, HYT aims at offering its customers an insight into its world of fluid technology.

HYT launched its first boutique in Starhill Gallery on 4 February 2016 with a cocktail reception in the presence of Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, group managing director of YLT Corporation Berhad. More than 60 guests gathered at the boutique to raise their glasses in support of HYT’s most recent achievement. The boutique in Starhill Gallery replaces the temporary store HYT opened in October 2014. A stark yet luxurious space, it offers its customers an insight into HYT’s world of fluid technology.

"We have a fantastic location in Starhill Gallery adorn floor and wanted to make the most of it." says HYT artistic director Xavier Casals. "1200sqft of blank page was an amazing opportunity for us! We gave a lot of thought to the design and wanted to offer everyone who steps into the space an opportunity to live the HYT experience which is more than just about watches but embodies innovation, technology and the ability to dare and to achieve the impossible. We hope our customers like it."

Partnership with Starhill Gallery
Vincent perriard HYT ceo added "starhill Gallery epitomises luxury and sophistication and we are very happy to be here. starhill Gallery is an established institution and a trusted source of inspiration that, in the challenging and competitive industry of luxury fashion, adroitly position the brands it houses".

"With the opening of our permanent boutique we cement the presence we already had with our temporary store and signal our commitment to this market." Perriard concluded.

YLT Corporation Berhad Group Managing Director Tan Sri Francis Yeoh said, "Starhill Gallery is continuously on the lookout for dynamic and niche brands to offer its loyal customers; brands that offer something different, something qualitative, something unique. HYT is that and we welcome them to the family and look forward to further innovations and amazing developments from the hydro mechanical horologists in the years to come."

HYT first appeared on them market in 2012 with a fluid technology that revolutionised the horological world. Never before had timepieces used fluids to display the time. After only 3 full years of activity, the Neuchâtel-based company offers its customers a palette of 5 very different collections available in 69 points of sales around the globe.

HYT’s biggest growth was in 2015 in South East Asia. This was the case in Kuala Lumpur, a dynamic hub for not only local clientele but also amongst a growing tourism from the Middle East and in terms of the niche luxury industry such as independent watch brands like HYT, Malaysia and Indonesia have proven to be open-minded and fertile ground.

HYT’s south East Asia hub.
In October 2014, HYT opened a hub in Singapore a strategic decision to go to the very heart of one of its most important customer base, South East Asia. The Singapore hub serves as the region’s headquarters and supports the brand’s growth in key markets resulting today in points of sales in Singapore, Jakarta and until now a pop-up store in Kuala Lumpur in addition to points of sales in japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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