Europe's most entrepreneurial hackathon

Stefan Kyora

29.02.2016 13:13

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Hackathon are no longer just recruiting events for corporates. START Global organises START Hack – an entrepreneurial hackathon taking place in St. Gallen in March. And the Lausanne based start-up Technis organises its own hackathon to find new team members.

The START Hack is a 35-hour coding and prototyping marathon taking place from the 11 to 13 March in St. Gallen, with more than 200 attending talented tech students from Europe and the entire world. Together in small teams the students develop highly innovative products relating to the focus areas Financial Technology (FinTech), Internet of Things (IoT), and Mobility, starting from scratch at the beginning of the event.

What makes START Hack different is that it really serves to promote entrepreneurship. “Our aim is to organise Europe’s most entrepreneurial Hackathon”, explains Dominique Paul, Marketing Manager at START Global. That’s the reason why the best projects have the unique opportunity to present their ‘Hack’ at the START Summit 2016 - Europe's leading talent conference for entrepreneurship and technology - which is taking place the subsequent weekend. At the START summit the winner of the hackathon can connect to experienced entrepreneurs and investors. “We support the teams also after our hackathon because we really want to help the teams turning their project into a start-up”, says Dominique Paul.

At the hackathon hacker will be able to choose from a big number of sophisticated challenges provided by partners of the event. Among those partners are tech companies and start-ups from Switzerland and abroad: Fundbase and Blockstream. Participants can get a first impression of a start-up’s daily business.

START Hack will be a huge event with 200 talents that have been selected out of 500 applicants from all over Europe. But it is also possible for a single start-up to make use of a hackathon. Technis, a start-up based in Lausanne is a recent example for this. The start-up developed a new generation of tennis courts, which is touch sensitive and understands what is happening on the surface. Using these new tech-enabled courts as a platform, Technis combines technology and sports in an integrated and seamless way. The startup organises a hackathon next weekend. The goal of the weekend is to conceive and realise projects using Technis technology. For the start-up it is also a good way to meet potential new team members. Participants can earn a job offer.

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