Bilan reveals its Top 50 startup selection

Eugène Schön

11.02.2016 11:15

In the wake of the ongoing Lift Conference 2016 in Geneva, Bilan published its long awaited list of 50 swiss startups in which to invest. In its introduction an important question is raised as investing in disrupting innovation is making more and more sense: So who will be the next swiss Uber? Let’s review their selection of promising Swiss start-ups.

As the Swiss Venture Capital Report showed 2015 has been a turning point in terms of investment in start-ups. Hundred twenty young swiss companies have raised a total of CHF 670 million among which many start-ups listed in Bilan’s Top 50 selection in 2015. To name a few successful examples InSphero raised CHF 20 millions, Sophia Genetics 14.8 millions and Flyability 2 millions. Other companies such as BugBuster, Lemoptix, Mila and Faceshift were acquired in the same year by corporations such as Apple and Intel. These results show a growing interest in Swiss startups and their ability to innovate.

Selecting the start-ups for 2016 was particularly challenging for this Top 50. This year 131 start-ups were assessed by Bilan and its partners (Venturelab, BioAlps, CleantechAlps, Alp ICT, la Fongit and CimArk). To better understand the potential of the pre-selected start-ups, the number of the jury members was doubled. Jacques Essinger (CEO of Symetis) and Laurent Farinelli (CEO of Fasteris) were chosen for their experience in life science. Bilan selected Veronica Lange (UBS Head of Innovation and Global CTO) and Pascal Allot (IBM Regional Manager) for the ICT projects. In the jury we also find Abir Oreibi (President of the Lift Conference) and Dominik Grolimund (CEO of Refind) for the mobile and web start-ups, Raphaël Domjan (ecoadventurer) Pierre-Alain Graf (ex-CEO of Swissgrid) for cleantech. Jean-Luc Favre (CEO ABB Sécheron) and Fabrice Delaye (Journalist at Bilan) examined the projects in the robotics and automation, a promising sector. readers will recognize most of the start-ups selected by Bilan for this year’s Top 50 Selection with promising companies from all over Switzerland. As you will discover in Bilan’s magazine on sale in kiosks at the moment, recommended start-ups come in 9 categories: Fintech, ICT, Industries, Web and Mobile, Biotech, Agrotech, Cleantech, Medtech and Social Entrepreneurship. Every start-up is shortly presented and gives their objective in terms of investment.

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