Be.Project: Digital Innovation and Creativity Award

01.02.2016 15:45

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Be.project DACH

BearingPoint and its partners invite students from Germany, Austria and Switzerland with an innovative and sustainable digital project in mind to register for the Go Digital Award and win up to 8’000 Euros and coaching. Registration is in progress until 31 March 2016.

Be.Project is a challenging idea contest for students in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, hosted by BearingPoint. Selected teams will present to the Jury in the grand finale in Berlin, where the winning team will be awarded with € 8000, € 3000 and € 1000 for the first second and third winners respectively as well as coaching. Former winners include Swiss start-ups projects such as CompfyLight.

Partners of BearingPoint practices in the three countries are represented in the jury. They are responsible for the pre-selection and the assessment of the projects during the jury presentation. Once a team has been pre-selected, it will be supported by a BearingPoint Consultant to get ready for the jury presentation and as well as answer their questions in accordance to their experience. The consultants will also advice founders on the key factors necessary for the final presentation.

The jury will apply the following criteria:

  • Alignment with the slogan “Go digital” – your project should match

  • Quality and originality of the project idea and the entrepreneurial approach

  • Creativity and degree of innovation – how new is the solution, which needs does it address and how relevant is its target group

  • Team-spirit – collaboration, commitment and long-term orientation

  • Ability to deliver – focus, measurable results and ready-to-implement organization

  • BearingPoint Value Added – BearingPoint contribution is valuable and project idea enhances BearingPoint value proposition

  • Business case – structure and cohesiveness of the project

  • Commitment, Teaming, Excellence, Stewardship und Passion – BearingPoint values are well represented in the project

Following the registration start-ups will be filtered according to their written presentation and will also be introduced to their BearingPoint Coaches to prepare for the Jury Presentation.  Deadline for submission is on 31 March 2016.

About BearingPoint
Bearing Point is an independent partner and leading business consulting firm with management and technology capabilities used to foster entrepreneurial thinking and action amongst students. BearingPoint consultants understand that the world of business changes constantly and that the resulting complexities demand intelligent and adaptive solutions: therefore they are committed, have a pragmatic as well as innovative mind-set and are willing to assist entrepreneurs in the establishment of their businesses.

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