Batmaid: Growth with a strong partner

03.02.2016 12:03
Batmaid onet

ONET Switzerland and Vanguard Internet SA, the company behind the home cleaning platform Batmaid, announce a strategic and industrial partnership. The partnership with the service and engineering group ONET with more than 60,000 employees around the globe will help Batmaid to expand its business and to grow internationally.

Batmaid is a platform for booking professional home cleaners in Switzerland. It was launched in April 2015 by young entrepreneurs Andreas Schollin-Borg und Eric Laudet. The service is available in most parts of Switzerland. The founders are planning on expanding rapidly in about 10 new countries via a unique internationalization model.

Today the start-up announced a partnership with ONET Switzerland that will help the founders to realise their ambitious goals. The family-owned services and engineering group ONET has been represented in Switzerland by its subsidiary ONET Switzerland for nearly 50 years. ONET continues to develop itself in Switzerland and is strengthening its presence in the local market with this new partnership. This allows ONET to enter the market segment for digitalized home cleaning and the „on-demand economy". With this agreement, ONET strengthens its roots in Switzerland and Supports the development of the startup

Batmaid will profit from ONET's know-how in order to expand its B2B Services, for example with end-of-tenancy cleanings, hotel cleanings and office cleanings for small and medium sized enterprises. Vanguard and ONET are equally ambitious in developing internationally very quickly, starting from its base in Switzerland: Batmaid will benefit from the network and prominence of ONET in order to develop its international expansion with a unique model. ONET will bring technical know-how and its qualified work force to the deal, while Batmaid is offering the cutting-edge technology of its platform, which is a true Software solution for on-demand Services. The first opening is expected in the coming weeks in Luxembourg.

„Besides strengthening the Swiss market and the international expansion, the integration of digital Services with our existing client offering allows us to complement our strategy of innovation and evolution from the traditional business of ONET", specifies Pascal Gauthier, President of ONET Switzerland. „This industrial partnership will accelerate the international expansion of Batmaid and complete the range of services offered in a unique way ", adds Andreas Schollin-Borg.

About ONET
Onet has become an international engineering and services group. Its diversified offer extends to many countries and is based on the expertise of 61,000 employees found within several services: Onet Cleaning & Services, Onet Logistics, Onet Airport Services, Onet Technologies, Onet Security, Onet Reception & Axxis Ressources. Group revenue in 2014 was EUR1.466 billion.

About Batmaid
Batmaid is a platform for booking professional home cleaners in Switzerland. In Switzerland Batmaid offers a 2-in-1 Service:

  • A rigorous selection of qualified cleaning maids, who are available in the vicinity of the client. The platform selects the appropriate cleaning maid depending on the wishes and specifications of the client.
  • A fiduciary Service with which new employees are legally declared and insured. The platform allows a quick and simple booking for a one-off or regular home cleaning. Batmaid takes care of the paper work related to recruitment, thereby fighting against black market.


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