AVK’s XD Player to enhance Pay-TV broadcasting of La Liga and UEFA Champions League

22.02.2016 16:45

A leading European TV operator has selected AVK’s first-to-market XD player as part of its Pay TV broadcast distribution of La Liga and UEFA Champions league for three seasons from 2016 to 2019. This contract is a promising start for AVK’s XD Player.

Swiss technology firm AVK systems SA announced that its first-to-market XD Player has been selected by a leading TV operator in Europe - identity withheld on request till joint press release. The XD Player will be used by the operator to augment the way subscribers experience and interact with the operator’s Pay-Tv coverage of Spain’s first division – La Liga and UEFA Champions league. The agreement signed on the 10th of February will cover all games of La Liga and UEFA Champions league for three full seasons from 2016 – 2019 and will see the XD Player solution accessed by the operator’s growing subscriber base across STB’s, Smartphones and Tablets.

AVK describes its XD Player as “an embedded second screen”. Unlike the classic second screen solutions in the market, AVK’s XD Player can be embedded and accessed from within the live broadcast screen itself ensuring that the attention of subscribers is not drawn away from the main playback device. This resolves a major concern regarding second screens. Also, the XD Player goes well beyond social media and off the shelf statistics to deliver compelling industry first features and content: XD Clips (in ultra HD Audio), XD Stats (player technique/skill analysis) and XD Trac (player tracking). This ensures a never before like engagement for fans during the live game and monetization through new sponsorships/Ads.

The solution is easy to implement, working entirely on the broadcast feed. AVK’s XDP server integrates seamlessly with existing cloud DVR/nPVR systems of the operator’s head-end. Remote managed services are delivered over the cloud from AVK’s state of the art Remote Operations Center in Lausanne. The XD Player was developed with support from the state of Vaud including FIT, SPECO & CVC.

“This first commercial agreement for AVK’s XD Player solution marks a paradigm shift in how the second screen is deployed and monetized for live sport broadcasts worldwide. We are truly excited by the enthusiastic response and expect to announce a few more commercial wins this quarter” said Dr. Vijay Sathya, CEO of AVK systems.

AVK systems is a Swiss technology firm dedicated to taking the experience in today’s sport broadcast content to a compelling new high. Headquartered in the Olympic capital city of Lausanne, the company works in close collaboration with leading sport broadcasters, TV/Mobile operators, and sport federations to ensure solutions that are truly bespoke for the sport broadcasting industry.

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