App Builders Conference on Mobile technology

16.02.2016 10:45

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App Builders Switzerland aims to become one of the most attractive conferences about mobile technologies in Europe. The 2-day conference brings local, national and international professionals active in the mobile industry for intensive talks and activities focused on the technological side. The event will take place on April 25-26 2016 at Technopark Zürich.

The conference is expected to welcome hundreds of students, professionals and experts from the all over Europe, giving them a great opportunity to connect with top class experts in the mobile industry. The event will focus on the technological part of the mobile industry, however it will also offer talks dedicated to the business side.

The 2-day conference will comprise of talks about Apple and Google technologies, alongside general talks about the industry best practices on User Experience and User Interfaces. The major focus will be based on the latest technological best practices about Google and Apple technologies including talks about Android and iOS. In addition talks covering wearables and TVs, the last two big sectors born in the last years will be conducted. While some speakers give an insight on how the user habit has changed in the past years and how to deal with it, others will expose how big companies handle the mobile sector internally, giving advices and providing examples about mistakes they made.

The conference brings together local, national and international speakers in Zürich with the attendees, providing them opportunity to connect, learn and listen to their success stories about their last big achievements in the industry. Also startups as well as sponsors looking for professionals active in the mobile industry are welcomed to be part of the event. Moreover, the event counts to bring professionals actively looking for a job.

The organizational team is still looking for startups interested in being part of the event. Participating startups funded after the 1.1.2012 will have the opportunity to benefit from the discount and interesting packages.

Behind the event, is a one-year old association that aims to become the most active event organizer of the industry across Switzerland, the Swiss Mobile Developers Association. The SMDA is an association born in August 2014 and has organized many monthly events in the Zürich area. At the end of the 2015, the expansion process began and the association has now members from the 3 linguistic zones and will be active in organizing events in Romandie, Ticino and Zürich/Bern area.


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