ABILITY collaborates with three leading rehabilitation clinics

04.02.2016 16:30

ABILITY Switzerland, specializing in robotics technology for the rehabilitation of disabled patients, has started a research alliance with MATERNUS Klinik, REHAB Basel and Zürcher Rehazentrum Wald which are located in Germany and Switzerland.

ABILITY has announced research partnerships with three leading Swiss rehabilitation clinics: MATERNUS Klinik in Germany, REHAB Basel and Zürcher Rehazentrum Wald in Switzerland.

The aim of the pursued clinical trials with LYRA, an endeffector gait trainer, is to generate a deeper understanding of how the endeffector therapy can most effectively be applied in neurorehabilitation and further understand its outcome in areas such as spasticity and with chronic patients. Just recently, the German Society for Neurorehabilitation DGNR has prioritized end-effector gait training for stroke patients.

Mario Thomann, CEO of ABILITY Switzerland: “Only practical and scientifically proven technology will play a major role in the future of rehabilitation. A number of clinical trials about gait rehabilitation with end effector devices exist, but there are major gaps in the research landscape, for example regarding optimal therapy intensity, its effect on spasticity, and robotics for chronic patients. We are very excited to have very well-known research partners on board, such as the MATERNUS Klinik, REHAB Basel and Zürcher RehaZentrum Wald, who will be exploring these and other areas with our technology.”

The clinical partners of the research alliance are

MATERNUS Klinik, Bad Oeynhausen, Germany
The MATERNUS Rehabilitation Clinic is a rehabilitation clinic in Germany, providing both rehabilitation and follow-up therapy services. Personalized care, along with the latest diagnostic and comprehensive treatment services guarantee the best results for the patients entrusting their well-being to our clinic. Intensive cooperation between the specialized departments of Orthopedics and Behavioral Orthopedics , Cardiology / Internal Medicine / Metabolic Diseases and Neurology allows for the optimal treatment for frequently ill patients.

REHAB Basel AG, Basel, Switzerland
Rehab Basel is a clinic for neurorehabilitation a well as paraplegic patients. The clinic strives for a holistic rehabilitation of the people who are entrusted to use the endeffector with the goal of creating maximum independence and improving the patients’ quality of life. The clinic also enables patients to find a place in society again after an illness or major trauma.

Zürcher Rehazentrum, Wald ZH, Sitzerland
The rehabilitation processes of the Zürcher Rehazentrum aims at making the patients familiar with their environment in order to reintegrate with the greatest possible independence. The active involvement in the evaluation and treatment is a prerequisite for a partnership.

About ABILITY Switzerland
ABILITY Switzerland AG, headquartered in Opfikon, is a leading manufacturer of rehabilitation technology for neurological patients. The company launched in 2012 with engineers from ETH Zurich, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), UC Berkeley and other medical specialists. With the support of private investors and the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation ABILITY Switzerland developed an end effector LYRA which received certification in 2014. The aim of the company is to establish an end effector gait trainer as an effective and affordable tool that can be used during the patients’ rehabilitation, in hospitals and ambulatory treatment centers. The company is currently working on the next generation of gait trainers and other innovative solutions for neurological patients.


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