Xovis gains foothold in the global market

17.02.2015 10:54

2014 was a good year for Xovis. And 2015 started very well with further orders from airports like Copenhagen and Vienna.

Berne-based Xovis develops and commercializes systems and sensors for people counting and tracking and similar applications with a focus on airports. By the end of 2014, Xovis has equipped 14 of the major airports worldwide with its waiting time measurement technology. With the Xovis sensors at airports more than 0.6 Billion people have been counted. Processes and operations have been improved. Several airports are using the Xovis solution to display the waiting times to their passengers as an additional service.

Besides Africa, Xovis is present with installations on all continents and the company has many requests and running projects for the ongoing year. Especially in the Middle East, Asia and Australia important airports are testing the solution and start installations.

In Europe the airports of Vienna and Copenhagen are extending their Xovis sytems. After the completion of the initial project in Vienna International Airport (VIE) in August 2014, VIE decided to extend the Xovis system with additional 100 sensors to transfer security checkpoint and passport control areas. With this system extension, nearly every waiting time at VIE is measured using the Xovis PTS. VIE has also started to display the waiting times as additional service to the passengers.

After having completed the measurement of waiting times at every single Check-in desk at the airport of Copenhagen (CPH), the Xovis system has been extended to the immigration/passport control areas by the end of 2014. The Xovis system in CPH now totals 125 sensors and helps to optimize airport operations in a significant way. As a further step, CPH has also started to extend the system to retail areas.

Christian Studer, the sales director of Xovis AG is excited about this development: “We are very happy about the fact that important customers that are already measuring waiting times with the Xovis PTS are even extending our system beyond the original scope. This shows that the system is reliable and delivers high-quality, accurate data in a way that helps the airports to optimize their operations.”


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