Fruitful cooperation between Intel and Dacuda

14.02.2014 14:20

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Dacuda unveils the world’s first Larger Than Life (LTL) Panorama and LTL Photo solution running on Intel-based mobile devices at the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This is a result of the development collaboration between Intel and Dacuda.

As a result of the development collaboration between Intel and Dacuda a next step towards high definition mobile photography will be available on Intel-based mobile devices. The unique solution benefit from camera tuning and low-level camera API access, in that way end users will obtain a completely new photography experience with the standard mobile camera module. With the optimization of Dacuda’s software on Intel platforms, an exceptional competitive advantage for the built-in mobile camera could be generated at no additional hardware cost.

LTL Panorama enables professional wide-angle photos on standard portable devices
Dacuda's LTL Panorama technology overcomes the limitations of mobile photography and of today’s panorama solutions by applying Dacuda’s patented SLAM Scan core. Key features like real-time feedback, random capture mode and free aspect ratios bring standard smartphones and tablets closer to professional cameras. Without any additional hardware wide-angle lens, users are able to intuitively capture a larger scene with free movements in any direction. Furthermore the user obtains real-time feedback during capturing (‘what you see is what you get’) without any need for Internet connection due to on-device processing. In addition the output is available in high resolution and the aspect ratio can be chosen by the user in real-time to creatively meet the requirements of the captured scene and to ultimately allow easy viewing, sharing, and printing.

LTL Photo enables photo fusion in real-time for creating creative scenes and group shots
LTL Photo technology with dynamic update capabilities turns your portable devices into a real-time photo studio with continuous tracking to enable creative photo fusion during capturing. For example, a tripod is not any more necessary to generate a group photo since LTL Photo allows models and photographer to appear on the same photo, and meanwhile, anything unexpected such as moving objects can be removed with real-time feedback. The SLAM Scan based LTL Photo technology seamlessly combines best parts of multiple images by stitching photos in space and in time, which ensures the best quality of the outputs.

“Intel is looking for ways to improve people’s life with our products. This goes in hand with our support of the software ecosystem. Dacuda is a great example, providing mobile users an unlimited creative photography interaction.” said Wolfgang Petersen, Director Developer Relations Division at Intel. “Without carrying additional accessories, users have a fully-featured real time photo studio always at hand – right inside your daily-use Intel based devices such as your smartphone or tablet.”

“Dacuda aims to redefine the era of mobile photography by means of software, and to enable stronger mobile camera capabilities with more intuitive user experience,” explained Dr. Peter Weigand, CEO of Dacuda. “It has been an important milestone for Dacuda to optimize LTL Panorama and LTL Photo on Intel-based mobile devices. The adaptation of Dacuda’s mass production proven SLAM Scan core to Intel’s high performance tablet and smartphone platforms brings a completely new photography experience to end users.”

The world’s first real time photo studio is shown at MWC Show in Barcelona at the Intel booth: Hall 8.1 – E41.

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