EverdreamSoft is leading bitcoin adoption in Geneva

20.02.2014 09:15

EverdreamSoft has started receiving payments in the form of Bitcoins. The company was created in 2010 and specializes in the development of casual and online trading card games for smartphones giving communities of gamers the possibility to interact and help on the development of these games.

The tide of Bitcoin is speeding towards Geneva, the city of private banking. The CEO of Everdreamsoft, Shaban Shaame, was inspired by the Bitcoin trend in Berlin, Germany. According to him, Bitcoin payment system could not only save time and money but as well could be the future of transactions.

EverdreamSoft’s main product is a free-to-play trading card game named Moonga available on iOS and Android. Since its launch in 2010, more than 250,000 people have already registered. Using this successful experience and with the help of a global network of renowned illustrators. They are also planning to develop an interesting Bitcoin based game which would be avant-garde of Moonga. The company has recently developed Geolocation technology to introduce new functionality to the game Moonga and make it more interactive and community oriented. The main purpose of this is fabrication of a bridge between virtual and real gaming world.

Inspired by Switzerland’s tradition of being headquarter of many international organizations, World Bitcoin Association, Zurich, is founded by the Wikirating founder Dorian Credé and the Bitcoin-Blogger Christian Mäder. The association is not only open to all Bitcoin interested persons, but also to all worldwide active Bitcoin country organizations . Recent pilot project to setup a Bitcoin ATM in Geneva, offering access to Bitcoin to a broader public also enhances the chances of a reverse tide. "Being a novice user of Bitcoin payment system in Geneva, it would be interesting to observe if the other startups and companies from Geneva to follow EverdreamSoft’s footsteps or stick to the traditional banking system", comments EverdreamSoft CEO Shaban Shaame in a blog post.

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