City of Munich selects Kolab Enterprise

27.02.2014 10:56

The city of Munich will use Kolab Enterprise for its city wide infrastructure. Kolab was chosen in a long and thorough tendering process, with Kolab System's partner ESG making the winning bid as general contractor for integration, migration and services.

The Kolab groupware solution from Kolab Systems AG in Switzerland, originally developed for the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), will be employed as part of the MigMak project (migration mail and calendar system). Decisive factors in the winning bid included technical aspects as well as comprehensive support for the IT security concept of the City of Munich. Thus, the Kolab Desktop Client in combination with the Kolab web Client based on Kolab Enterprise 13 both on more than 14,000 LiMux PC as well as on the remaining Windows devices will be used. A further aspect is that the solution is to be provided as completely open-source technology, including the necessary professional support.

Conversion and migration will be supported by a customised training concept including a web-based training module that will be developed and implemented by szenaris GmbH in Bremen.

As general contractor, ESG is responsible for the success of the entire project.

About Kolab Systems
Kolab Systems AG is an Open Source Independent Software Vendor (ISV) developing, maintaining, supporting and providing a wide range of services around the Kolab Groupware Solution. Founded in 2010 in Zürich, Switzerland, Kolab Systems has taken the place of the Kolab Konsortium which initially provided Kolab services primarily in German speaking areas from 2004 to 2010.

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