19 Swiss top start-ups will present at Mobile World Congress

13.02.2014 10:22

19 pre-selected start-ups and young companies are presenting their solutions in the areas of consumer interaction and engagement, hardware & sensorics, health, safety & education, media & gaming and financial services at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). MWC, taking place End of February in Barcelona, is a combination of the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry and a conference featuring prominent executives.

Alp ICT, Switzerland Global Enterprise and CTI Start-up are joining forces to get the most out of Swiss participation at the Mobile World Congress 2014. Mobile World Congress, with about 70,000 visitors, is one of the most important events worldwide in the field of mobile hardware and mobile applications. This year the event will take place from 24 to 27 February. For the first time, a Swiss hospitality pavilion, in collaboration with Swiss Business Hub Spain, will be in place at the congress in Barcelona. The SWISS pavilion will serve as an open meeting point for Swiss companies and offer them a marketing platform for their products and solutions.

19 start-ups and young companies have been pre-selected for the Swiss Pavilion:

42Matters - The Pioneer in App-Discovery and App-Recommendation

Actlight - The New Generation of Light based Electronics

Bitsplitters - Personal UV Awareness Systems

Cooala - All the brands you love in one place

Echovox - We monetize your audience through mobile transactions in 20+ countries!

Edsi-tech - Tourism statistics supplier since 2013

Gbanga - Gbanga Millform creates mixed-reality games

Innovaradio - Power Amplifiers, High Efficiency, Drain Modulation

Kireego - Collaborative tools for Merchants, Customers and local Enterprises

MemoWays - Cloud platform for delivering interactive video for mobile use

Videoprotector – The intelligent and predictive video surveillance platform

Newscron – Newscron aggregates news based on reader’s preferences, offering them structured and updated information from different sources.

PITCHER - The only end-to-end solution for your salesforce effectiveness and digital marketing needs

Qipp - The companion for all the things people care about

Sanovation - CatchMyPain connects patients worldwide and solves chronic pain

Scandit - Barcode Scanning and Data Capture Platform for Smartphones, Tablets and Wearable Devices

SixSq - NuvlaBox: The smallest and smartest cloud

SMARTLINK - Secure mobile wallets for digital payments from home, in stores or on the go

Uepaa! - Protect yourself – rescue others! The new safety standard from Switzerland - for the world

More information about the start-ups and the Swiss Pavilion can be found on a dedicated website.

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