Poken wins Global Mobile Award at World Mobile Congress

29.02.2012 09:38

The World Mobile Congress held every year in Barcelona is the leading trade fair for the mobile industry. One important element of the show is the Global Mobile Award. This year Poken won one of the awards for the "Best Innovation in Mobile Advertising". The importance of the award is shown by winners in other categories. The list includes companies like Google, Apple, Whatsapp etc.

Poken has just won the Best Innovation in Mobile Advertising award at the World Mobile Congress 2012, beating six other nominees including Google Wallet and innovations by other big names from the mobile industry.

At the award ceremony GSMA Director General, Anne Bouverot introduced the awards, which received a record 600 entries this year, thanking all entrants and more than 170 independent analysts, journalists, academics and subject matter experts from throughout the world that participated in the judging of the 2012 awards.

For Poken the feedback from the judges is encouraging. They liked Poken “because it combines NFC with a smart understanding that the nature of ‘mobile’ is quickly going to move beyond smartphones and tablets. We really like the technology and the CMS ecosystem that has been built out to be leveraged by consumer partners.”

Poken has created an online marketing application that enables brands to deploy touch marketing campaigns. Our products and platform have been providing customers with better reach, more impact, improved lead generation, unprecedented insights into customer interests, and higher return on investment than traditional marketing.

This award is a confirmation that the mobile industry shares the conviction of the Poken team that Poken is a game changer in the mobile space.

Poken was founded in 2009 and received the CTI Start-up Label in 2010.

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