BugBuster receives support from the FIT foundation

10.02.2012 16:42

BugBuster, a spin-off from EPFL, is already supported by Innogrants, Hasler foundation, Venture Kick and CTI. The company receives additional support from Fit foundation.

BugBuster is already supported by EPFL Innogrants, the Hasler foundationVenture Kick and CTI. The company which registered with the Commercial Register of the Canton of Vaud last November has now won support from Fit – foundation pour l’innovation technologique.

The start-up is developing a product also named Bugbuster that will allow starting software tests with a single click. Today the effectiveness of testing is limited – software problems remain common – and it is very expensive and time-consuming (according to industry analysis, as much as one third of the cost of software development goes into testing). Testing is costly and ineffective, largely because it is mostly manual. Developers, business analysts and dedicated testers manually write test cases, execute them and report problems. Test execution and reporting have been automated to some extent, but test case generation, a large part of the effort, remains manual.

Recognizing these limitations, the team is developing Bug Buster, a revolutionary – robotized – software testing solution for the fast growing market of web applications. Bug Buster emerges from years of research in program analysis and employs state of the art techniques in compilers and programming languages. The goal of Bug Buster is to transform the way people are testing their applications today, by providing highly sophisticated technology in an extremely easy and intuitive solution.  

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