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Sleepiz is Europe’s most promising digital health startup

10.12.2018 10:20
Sleepiz Team

The jury of the European Health Catapult Business Plan Competition announced three winners at the EIT Health summit. One of them is the Swiss startup sleepiz, specializing in sleep technology. The startup offers a secure non-contact multidimensional sleep monitoring and assessment solution.

The European Health Catapult Competition (EHC) is a training and competition platform that awards the most outstanding business concepts from medtech, biotech and digital health across Europe. EHC sources and accelerates European start-ups in biotech, medtech and digital health providing them training in business plan modelling, deal negotiation and pitch training, as well as facilitated access to top-level investors.

Out of 42 regional winners that entered the semi-finals, 22 startups proceeded to the finals. The startups portrayed market readiness and had solutions with an anticipated impact on their health care innovation. During the EIT health Summit, the jury announced and awarded three startups in three categories. Sleepiz from Zurich, won the category prize digital health receiving a cash prize and in-kind recognition from the EIT Health community that can lead to further support and investment.

Sleepiz developed a revolutionary sleep disorder-screening device. By using wireless technology, the device can measure vital human signs at medical accuracy without touching the patient - enabling non-contact clinical grade home diagnosis of sleep apnea.

Since their founding, the Startup has seen continuous progress and received support in different disciplines. For instance, in its early stages, the team completed two pilot studies with their Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and attained the first clinical validation. In August, Sleepiz received € 50,000 for winning the EIT Health Germany’s Headstart Awards. In an interview with EIT Germany, the startup founders revealed that the startup received funding from Horizon 2020 and Innosuisse. Additionally, the startup has closed partnerships with large hospitals and with world-renowned research institutions in Switzerland.

To date, Sleepiz has proven the technology in a clinical context and is currently in the process of obtaining the necessary medical approvals.

Picture: EIT Health


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