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Korean telecom giant to apply IDQ’s quantum cryptography in 2019

27.12.2018 09:03

Last week, SK Telecom has unveiled a smart factory system based on its commercial 5G service which was launched in Korea in December. The company plans to expand its 5G service coverage to 85 cities nationwide by September 2019. To provide watertight security for its 5G network, SK Telecom will apply quantum cryptography communication.

Recognising the importance of stability and security of the 5G network, SK Telecom has been focusing on developing related technologies. In particular, through six years of development, the company has successfully developed the world’s smallest Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) chip in 2016 with Geneva-based ID Quantique. Also, in February 2018, SK Telecom has invested in ID Quantique, the world’s No. 1 quantum-safe cryptography solutions provider, to further strengthen its technological capabilities.

The quantum cryptography communication technology will first be applied to the Seoul-Ansan section of its 5G network and SK Telecom plans to apply the technology to its customer authentication server in the first half of next year.

CEO Park Jung-ho said he is “Determined to provide the highest level of network security and stability at all times, SK Telecom will continue to work closely with companies across the globe to secure the best technologies.”

(Press release / SK)

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