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CHF 1.1 million for AgroSustain

18.12.2018 11:13

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National and international private investors, as well as family offices, have invested CHF 1.1 million in AgroSustain’s seed financing round. The Spinoff of the University of Lausanne is now set for the next step towards certification and product development of its first product, AgroShelf+, for crop protection.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimated annual food waste at an equivalent of USD 1’000 billion, out of which USD 60 billion of fruits and vegetables lost due to fungal pathogens in post-harvest. Metabolites of some of the broadly spread molds in food storage facilities can have an additional adverse effects on humans. To this day, no efficient, cost-effective, organic treatments against molds are available on the market.

AgroSustain develops a pipeline of plant-inspired antifungal solutions based on an internationally patented PhD-thesis conducted by Olga Dubey, CEO of AgroSustain, to identify and bring to market organic treatments against a broad range of fungal pathogens present in food storage facilities. The startup's core product is AgroShelf+, which is designed to prevent the development of fungal pathogens and reduces food waste.

Working closely with Agroscope, the Swiss Center of excellence for agricultural research in Nyon (canton VD), the team of AgroSustain has identified more than 60 antifungal plant compounds that build the foundation of AgroSustain’s first product. AgroShelf+ has an antifungal effect on more than 1’600 species of agronomically important crops. Moreover, the solution can be used in food storage facilities to prevent the development of molds and reduce food waste.

The application of AgroShelf+ can be done by spray in food storage facilities. Thus, no extra installation cost is required for the product. Based on the first tests, AgroShelf+ extends the shelf life of vegetables and fruits, including berries, infected with fungal pathogens by a minimum of 4 to 7 days in a sustainable manner.

Today, the startup announced the closing of its first financing round of CHF 1.1 million with National and international private investors as well as family offices. The funds will be used to move forward with the certification and product development of AgroSustain’s first plant-inspired product to prevent molds on fruits & vegetables in post-harvest. Prior to the closing of the seed round, AgroSustain obtained funds from Venture Kick and Canton of Vaud (FIT seed loan) to support the long-term vision for sustainable crop protection.

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