PriceHubble closes multi-million financing round

15.12.2017 12:31

Zurich-based start-up PriceHubble uses machine learning to offer various data-based real estate services, such as online real estate valuations. The company, founded in 2016, is concluding an A series financing round worth several million francs. Investors include Helvetia, Swiss Life and Swisscom.

Alongside insurance companies such as Swiss Life and Helvetia as well as real estate portals and service providers, PriceHubble is also collaborating in Switzerland with CS and UBS, among others, in developing innovative data-driven solutions for end customers. PriceHubble has also been active in France since the middle of the year and in partnership with CBRE France supplies predictive analyses and solutions to investors, REITs and property developers. Further expansion is planned for 2018. "As well as strengthening our teams in Zurich and Paris, we aim to tap into other attractive real estate markets", says Markus Stadler, CEO of PriceHubble.

Strong interest in A series financing round
The funds for further growth will come from the A series financing round that has now been concluded. The interest shown by investors has been strong and PriceHubble has successfully released several million francs. In addition to existing investors such as Swiss Life and Swisscom Ventures, others such as the Helvetia Venture Fund and members of the btov private investor network participated in the financing round. "For Helvetia, PriceHubble offers a range of new analysis tools that can deliver valuable additions to our real estate and mortgage business when it comes to location decisions and portfolio management", explains Ralph Honegger, Chief Investment Officer of the Helvetia Group.

Chairman Stefan Heitman sold first company to Helvetia
One reason for the strong interest is the experienced team behind the startups. Chairman Stefan Heitmann is a serial entrepreneur. He is also a co-founder of Moneypark. Helvetia acquired the majority of the fintech company a year ago. Machine-learning specialist Olivier Bachem, another co-founder of PriceHubble worked for MoneyPark too. The third co-founder, Markus Stadler, was with Bain & Company for almost ten years.

About PriceHubble
Zurich-based start-up PriceHubble uses machine learning to offer various data-based real estate services, such as online real estate valuations. A large quantity of data concerning the location and neighbourhood as well as sentimental factors such as noise pollution and other emissions are included in the valuation. PriceHubble addresses all parties to the real estate value chain such as real estate portals, banks, asset managers, insurance companies, real estate investors and private individuals.


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