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ActLight closes 2nd financing round

01.12.2017 13:48

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EPFL-based startup ActLight recently closed its series B financing round. With a CHF 1.2 million contribution, was the largest investor in this round. ActLight develops and licenses light sensor technology which can be used for applications such as range meters and 3D cameras.

The CHF 1.2 million investment of came from private investors as well as from Nest, the first Swiss pension fund to systematically invest in Swiss startups. The remaining money came from Swisscom Ventures and business angels from ActLight’s network.

ActLight’s light sensors provide the same performance with up to 10 times less energy consumption, requiring significantly less space and at a better price compared to existing solutions.

In 2015, already participated in ActLight’s Series A round. Since then, the EPFL-based company has developed a sensor for low-energy heart rate sensing for wearable devices in cooperation with the US-company On Semiconductor. The sensor can measure a heartbeat with merely a fifth of the energy required by existing solutions. Given that nearly 80 percent of the battery power in smartwatches is used up by the heart-rate monitor, this is a significant breakthrough.

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