Trustyourplace collaborates with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Ritah Ayebare Nyakato

15.12.2016 15:00

The Basel Institute of Commons and Economics AG announced that it closed a partnership with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The startup is conducting surveys on their platform Trustyourplace to assess Social capital in over 140 countries using eight indicators. Social capital is a core-asset that could be exploited to end conflicts, poverty corruption and other social calamities.

Social Capital components derived from interpersonal perceptions of trust, solidarity, helpfulness, friendliness and hospitality, play a significant role in the fight against societal conflicts caused by poverty and could act as an instrument to lower transaction costs of these conflicts; high interest rates, corruption and the lack of local ownership of infrastructure. Having discovered the significance of these interpersonal perceptions, Alexander Dill together with his team embarked on the project to conduct surveys in different countries to collect data to assess social capital using only eight social capital indicators. Thanks to their platform Trustyourplace, the team is currently able to assess even the remotest areas in the World. 140 countries are currently under assessment.

“Our business model is that of Google in 1998 which means to gather the data first. The data is provided to our subscribers from whom we make money to finance the project. We therefore make money when we find subscribers. The German Federal Ministry of Development is one of our first subscribers“, says Alexander Dill, CEO of Trustyourplace.

Trustyourplace is a patented Open Access Software designed by Alexander Dill and Nazmus Saquib, a Computer Scientist from the Technical University of Munich. The platform is administered by the startup “Basel Institute of Commons and Economics”, which was incorporated in 2010 in Basel. The team invested CHF 300’000 in company.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals supports Trustyourplace
In February 2016, trustyourplace became a registered partner of the United Nation’s Global Innovation Exchange and of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Partnership. This collaboration gives Trustyourplace’s team access to 193 United Nations member countries.

Within the framework of their partnership with the United Nations SDG, Trustyourplace is committed to assessing 400000 places in 171 countries by 2018. To achieve their ambition, Trustyourplace’s team is already in collaboration with local partners in various countries for instance, with the trade union confederation of Afghanistan, the Christian University of Thailand, and with different associations in India, Pakistani, Ukraine, Mali, Senegal, and Nigeria among others. Each local partner will engage their candidates and students in spreading and promoting the results on Social Capital across the country. The results from each country will be integrated on the World Social Capital Monitor platform find correlations between the eight indicators of Social Capital and other aggregated data such as on demography, economy, health, security, environmental protection, education, gender, governance and other data. Upon completion of each assessment, a Social Capital report for each country will be released. The first Assessment report has already been issued for Cambodia.

Thanks to Trustyourplace, the World Social Capital Monitor will be an outstanding source for the information which acts as a tool for the protection and the acceleration of local social goods. It is independent from governments, groups and the agenda of donors and is only financed by subscriptions of the results and research on Social Capital.

Pic: Robinams/Pixabay

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