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Kenzan Studios secures 5 Million Swiss Francs in Series A Financing

16.12.2016 13:07

Leading Swiss virtual reality developer Kenzan Studios announced its 5 million Swiss franc Series A financing led by InvestVR, through the InvestVR global investor network. Joining the round are two Swiss technology investors.

Kenzan will use this investment to expand its 30 person in-house development team, further develop its original VR IP, and conduct further R&D into immersive technologies.

 “Kenzan’s Vision is to set the highest quality standards in the VR Entertainment Industry. The success in securing Series A funding led by InvestVR will allow us to focus on constant R&D, forward-thinking creative forces, and to take utmost care on what makes a VR & AR experience truly immersive,” says Kenzan Studios CEO Ronny Tobler. “Even as experimental as VR, AR and MR are or were, we envision the tremendous potential as a way to enhance, escape or explain.”

Founded in 2006, Kenzan currently employs more than 30 professionals. Its in-house team of creative directors, visual artists, animators and developers, Kenzan delivers complete original virtual reality environments and characters, along with animations, visual effects and dedicated user interfaces.

“Since 2006 we have been building experiences for global brands and beginning in 2013, we decided to take advantage of all our technical and creative skills to develop our own IP. Among them, The Fantastic Journeys of Teo & Leonie and a soon to be released large scale local multiplayer VR experience,” said Pascal Conicella, Kenzan Founder & Director Creative Thinking.

Projects with DuPont, Omega and Coop
Kenzan continues to expand its work with global brands and recently announced its Virtual Reality Time Machine, an original interactive VR experience created for customer DuPont Performance Materials. Kenzan continues to expand its VR experience partnership with Coop, the largest retail chain in Switzerland. This project has laid the foundation for Kenzan’s Shopping Mall VR entertainment product. Kenzan does continue to supply holographic displays to its customers Omega, LVMH brands and Timex among others. Kenzan also continues to expand its own IP content such as K2 VR, Dystopia and Spiritus Dei. Kenzan also recently announced it was a recipient of Epic Games Unreal Development Grant for work on The Fantastic Voyages of Teo and Leonie.

About Kenzan Studios:
Founded in 2006, Kenzan is a Swiss technology company, based in Geneva. It employs over 30 experts to explore and develop customized attractions for all types of clients. It has explored the world of Virtual Reality (VR) for years, and devotes much of its Research and Development budget to create extraordinary experiences and remain at the forefront of a bustling new field. It is currently working with global brands as well as working on its own IP, to create extraordinary experiences and stay ahead of a rapidly expanding field. This expertise earned them awards at both Los Angeles’ SIGGRAPH 2015 and the VR Hollywood Summit in 2016.

(Press release)

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More news about Kenzan Studios
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