Scientific Visual awarded Prix Alliance de l’innovation 2015

01.12.2015 09:45

Scientific Visual, the Lausanne-based hi-tech company has been awarded the prestigious Prix Alliance de l’innovation 2015. The award marks the 10th anniversary of Alliance Association’s activities in Switzerland. Scientific Visual was selected from 130 young Swiss companies supported by Alliance during the last ten years.

The CHF 10,000 prize is the latest in a number of top awards the EPFL start-up has won for its innovative new optical technology. The technology allows flaws in sapphire and other industrial gemstones to be identified prior to cutting and polishing thereby significantly reducing waste and costs.

At the award ceremony CEO, Dr Ivan Orlov said that he was delighted by the recognition the prize offered. “We took our second line of inspection equipment to market this summer and have been delighted with the market response. This prize is a real honour and a seal of approval.”

The future looks bright for the company. It recently made a major sale to a large European-US industrial group and the company’s management is currently in discussions with a number of LED and smartphone manufacturers in the US and China.

About Scientific Visual
Scientific Visual SA is a privately held company located in Lausanne, Switzerland. The company is a world leader in automated quality control instruments for the sapphire industry. It develops inspection and quality control systems for sapphire for watch, LED and smartphone production. Founded in 2010, the company’s evolution has been marked by a series of unparalleled innovations that are protected by high technological and IP barriers.

Scientific Visual improves sapphire processing by objectively revealing internal defects at earlier stages than previously possible. This enables sapphire producers and users to establish objective and traceable quality control procedures that reduce production costs and streamline their supply chains.

You can find Videos of the Prix Alliance de l’innovation 2015 on a dedicated website.


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