Jacando collaborates with the Swiss Red Cross

16.12.2015 16:12

Jacando, the first provider of „recruiting as a service“, announced today its partnership with the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) to provide them with a matchmaking-service for babysitters. With this partnership SRC aims at connecting certified babysitters and parents conveniently and efficiently.

Parents need total courage to leave their children with strangers in the absence. Besides it is finding the right babysitter can be extremely time consuming and costly. Thanks to the collaboration between the SRC and start-up jacando, parents will be able to find skilled babysitters more conveniently.

The Swiss Red Cross (SRK), Switzerland’s largest humanitarian organisation, offers course „Babysitting SRK“, in which young people from the age of 13 are trained to be skilled and responsible babysitters. As partner the SRC decided consciously for jacando, because jacando provides safe solutions that protect young babysitter.

In cooperation with jacando, the SRC runs an online platform in four languages for babysitter placement, through which parents and babysitters are conveniently connected. Parents can create a free search profile in the search for a well-trained and approved babysitter on the website. Babysitters likewise can at no cost register on the website. Solely SRK-trained babysitters are accepted on the platform – Minors can only register with their parents’ consent and the parents will be informed as soon as their child gets a babysitting offer. Every parents- and babysitter profile is thoroughly reviewed and jacando guarantees 100 % data security for both parties.

Dennis Teichmann, founder of Jacando, is contented that „jacando will now, in addition to the classic placement business and other partnerships, also work in a social area through this new cooperation with the SRK.“

(Press release)

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