Geosatis raises CHF 2.2 million

21.12.2015 08:01

Geosatis SA, manufacturer of offender GPS Electronic Monitoring devices, just finalized a second round of capital increase. Thanks to private investors from the Swiss watch industry and Geneva financial sector, a total amount of CHF 2.2 Million was raised.

2015 was busy for Geosatis, with an acquisition proposal from a US company, multiple ongoing tenders in three different continents. The company also won multiple awards. Geosatis currently employs 20 persons in two sites. The headquarters is located in the heart of the Swiss watchmaker’s valley, in Le Noirmont, and a laboratory at the EPFL Innovation Park.

Since its creation, the company raised more than CHF 4 Million from its investors which include Swisscom Ventures, and private and institutional investors. The company won multiple prices and support from the Swiss government as well as private foundations like De Vigier (in 2014).

Geosatis is already preparing a new round with private and institutional investors early 2016 in order to further develop its international growth. A required growth, because there is currently a high demand across the world for innovative products improving the rehabilitation of offenders as an alternative to incarceration. Current migration problems recently opened new doors for the use of Geosatis bracelets, as is the increased need for security and monitoring products.

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