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A successful year for eWise

01.12.2015 09:15

EWise is a leading international provider of Personal Financial Management (PFM) and Account Aggregation solutions. The eWise Money Manager is used by many of the world’s most innovative financial institutions including HSBC, Westpac and FirstDirect. Since 2014, the company, which relocated its headquarters to Switzerland (Nyon, Vaud) in 2015, has grown significantly across Europe, Asia and Australia.

The company has shifted from working exclusively with international retail banks to working with Fintech companies and SMEs in order to assist them create innovative digital Personal Financial Management services.

eWise has invested significantly in its operations since David Hamilton joined the company as President and CEO in 2014. Since then, the company has expanded its global footprint and has grown significantly across Europe, Asia and Australia. Prior to joining eWise, David held senior executive positions at FinTech 100 providers Fiserv and SunGard. As part of this re-organisation, Alex Grinberg, founder of eWise, was named Head of Business Development, and the new Management Team has played a significant role in expanding eWise internationally and delivering a new Money Management solution.

Last year changes within the company undeniably accelerated the growth, helped by the release of a brand new version of the Money Manager solution in the Cloud, offering now a SaaS model, which helped to double eWise’s number of customers. For example MoneySmart in Singapore, a leading Personal Finance comparison website, and WealthHelp, a UK based financial advice, are both offering the new Money Manager solution in the Cloud.

Wealth Help will launch the Money Manager Service using the advanced Personal Financial Management tool as their primary digital engagement channel, enabling clients to access their portfolio and gain greater insight into their finances. The Personal Financial Management (PFM) features allows Wealth Help clients to analyse their spending, set & manage budgets and understand their future cash-flow needs.

A key feature of the Money Manager tool is the ability for Wealth Help clients to aggregate accounts from all of their financial services providers, such as bank accounts, investments, insurances, savings account e.t.c, into a private and secure Personal Data Vault, a feature powered the eWise patented “Client-Side” account aggregation technology. Accordingly, Wealth Help aims to become the first choice for people who are serious about taking control of their money and achieving the goals they want in life.

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Switzerland, eWise has operations in Europe, Asia and Australia. EWise, which relocated its headquarters to Switzerland (Nyon, Vaud) in 2015, is part of eWise Group inc. The group is headquartered in the US and has two operating business lines; PayWithMyBank in the US and eWise with offices in Switzerland, the UK, Singapore, Australia and Philippines. The headquarter relocation from the US to Switzerland is a natural move for eWise, as most of the Management Team is located in Switzerland. This market is naturally well connected with the rest of the worlds’ leading financial centres where eWise has offices including London, Singapore and Sydney.

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