SwissMetrics launches its big data metrics to monitor company credit risk

17.12.2014 10:00

SwissMetrics GmbH, a FinTech start-up from Switzerland, is launching its introductory access to its secure SaaS platform. Users will now be able to utilise the power of big data and harness the strength of team collaboration in their daily credit risk monitoring. The secure platform takes an innovative and practical approach that provides users with tools and metrics to quickly monitor the financial health of their customers, suppliers or potential acquisitions.

In an increasing dynamic business environment, there is an information gap between using historical financial data and the situation today. With the SwissMetrics platform, customers are able to identify and act upon those risks earlier than others through information available in the public domain, but also information held privately in their secure closed networks. By receiving relevant information faster and in a format that can be quickly understood, SwissMetrics customers can save a lot of money by acting early.

The introductory access to SwissMetrics allows users to view basic public and private company data, utilise big data analytics and enhance monitoring through an innovative collaboration tool. Further enhancements will be announced soon.

About SwissMetrics GmbH
SwissMetrics is a dynamic start-up from Switzerland that is on a mission to enhance the way companies monitor their credit risk. As finance professionals, we have developed a SaaS platform for our customers with the aim of promoting smarter collaboration within companies to work for a common goal – saving money through risk minimization. Being customer centric, we are introducing practical and innovative forward looking tools to enable you to monitor the financial health of your customers, suppliers and potential acquisitions.


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