Swiss Steel AG chooses Arktis Radiation Detector System for new application

09.12.2014 08:20

Arktis Radiation Detectors enters a new application field. The company announced that it will supply a custom version of its FLASH Radiation Portal Monitors to Swiss Steel AG, a specialist steel manufacturer in Switzerland for the automotive, machine and appliance industry.

Swiss Steel will use the Arktis system - originally designed for Homeland Security applications - to conduct a final check for inadvertently contaminated scrap metals headed for its furnaces. This measure is not only directed at preventing contamination of the steel plant itself, it is also a future-looking step to consolidate the reputation of good quality steel. Government agencies and other organizations are concerned that – if left unchecked - radioactively contaminated steel can endanger public health. Increased levels of radioactivity were found in buckles for handbags and even in elevator buttons.

FLASH Technology provides an advantage in capability over current screening systems. FLASH can detect and identify nuclear materials as well as other illicit sources of radiation out of regulatory control, including Cobalt-60. Importantly, the FLASH System is able to do this without impacting the flow of goods, making it an ideal application for use in production environments. The deployment at Swiss Steel is special in that the detection portal monitors the contents of a massive scrap bucket on a rail vehicle, as an additional quality assurance in an advanced process of checks and balances. Usually, scrap metal is checked only when it is received from the suppliers. Due to its inclusion directly in the production workflow, the high reliability of the FLASH system is of central importance.

Dominik Marti of Swiss Steel commented “We have been impressed by the Arktis team and their solution; we selected them for their ability to efficiently understand and analyze our requirements and present tailored solutions. We are confident the system will augment the rigorous quality control systems we already have in place to ensure that only uncontaminated steel makes it into the supply chain. ”

Rico Chandra, CEO of Arktis Radiation Detectors said, “We are very excited about this new application for our technology and the opportunity to work with Swiss Steel."

About Arktis Radiation Detectors
Arktis was incorporated in Zurich, Switzerland in 2007. The founding team of Rico Chandra, Giovanna Davatz and Mario Voegeli, formed the company in the wake of a number of major events that highlighted the need to counter the emerging nuclear threat to world security. The team leveraged their extensive understanding of nuclear physics to the production of next generation radiation detection systems. The vision was to produce systems that have enhanced performance, can better detect shielded hazardous materials and that significantly improve security across the globe.

Since its inception, Arktis has followed a strategic growth path and employs highly skilled scientists and engineers who have developed proprietary radiation detection technologies based on research originally undertaken at ETH Zurich, a leading European technical university, on behalf of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). A key feature of the innovative detection methods developed by Arktis is that it provides customers with a unique potential to discover shielded nuclear materials such as Plutonium.

These new technologies and products provide a step change in capability over systems currently in use. A range of next generation systems is being offered, which can be used across a wide variety of applications and markets. Arktis is now bringing these innovative radiation detection systems to customers and government agencies around the world.

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