IMD announces Start-up Competition Winners

16.12.2014 08:58

IMD has announced 26 winners of the Start-up Competition 2014/2015. The companies will work with IMD’s MBA and EMBA classes in 2015.

Created in 1999, the IMD start-up competition provides a good opportunity for regional start-ups to benefit from the help and insights from participants in the IMD MBA and the Executive MBA programs - individuals who have been carefully screened to participate in two of the most selective and rigorous business programs in the world.

11 of the 26 winners work with the two Executive MBA classes - a group of experienced international executives (average age 40 years old) - who, in small teams, will analyze and challenge their business plans, teams and company strategies and pitch their start-ups to venture capitalists in Silicon Valley in September.  

The 11 start-ups are:

Alterniity XtremeVRI
Ioannis Tarnanas
Virtual and Augmented Reality MedTech for adults 60+, designed to detect early signs of Alzheimer’s and to build a cognitive reserve in order to retard the progression of the disease.

Patrick Thevoz
Flyability is developping the world's first collision-tolerant and safe-flying robot, allowing drones to interact with people and objects.

José Demetrio, Reshad Moussa, Urs Hunkeler
Geosatis revolutionizes social reinsertion and supervision of offenders with the next generation of electronic monitoring bracelets.

Nadja Mrosek, Peter Harboe-Schmidt
Glycemicon develops natural medical foods for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Kizy Tracking
Alexandre Luyet, Ruud Riem-Vis
Kizy Tracking offers a complete range of products and services for global object tracking.

Lunaphore Technologies
Déborah Heintze, Ata Tuna Ciftlik
Lunaphore builds tumor analysis platforms based on a patented microfluidic technology.

Olgac Ergeneman
Magnes develops and fabricates tailor-made micro-magnets for various applications such as performance monitoring sensors & anti-counterfeiting.

Veronica Savu, Vaida Auzelyte
Morphotonix provides secure and additive-free brand protection for polymeric articles. We micro-structure the surfaces of master moulds, which are then replicated in the plastic during moulding.

Yannick Iseli, Hervé Dedieu
Marketing, design and sales of a smart lighting end-to-end solution for "smart" cities.

Anthony Aho
PB&B is a biotech startup developing anti-aging injections capable of reversing facial aging for natural results using the patient’s own cells to cover wrinkles.

Armin W. Mäder, Arik Zucker
Development, production and distribution of novel and superior coronary stents. The lead product Qstent is in a First-in-Man clinical study (Stent=mesh tube to open blocked blood vessel)

IMD Fulltime MBA
15 start-ups will receive the dedicated support of a team of 5 to 7 MBA participants over 3 months between January and March, under the supervision of an IMD Faculty member. The class of 90 MBA participants is a group of high caliber, experienced (average age 31 years old) international students.

The selected start-ups are:

Thomas Leurent, Markus Dihlmann, Rosa Beboux
Akselos provides next generation simulation technology enabling an extremely fast and reliable engineering of complex systems.

Julien Pilet
Anemomind makes you sail faster.
Frank Martin, François Bonvin is a PMS (Property Management System) created by hoteliers for hoteliers. It is an online, web-based software that allows hoteliers to manage their hotel anywhere, anytime, and from any device that has internet access.

Matthias Vanoni
BIOWATCH is a secure, convenient and fashion alternative to passwords, PIN codes, cards, badges, keys and signatures.

Matthias Meier
CALCISCO develops the first and only ready-to-use diagnostic blood test for the early detection of calcification risk, enabling better cardiovascular risk management.

Philippe Held
Click, Detect -> Treat , DermoSafe offers a full integrated solution and services for instant dermoscopy check-up by experts and for a new fast track melanoma detection.

Radhakrishna Achanta

For professionals and businesses that want to protect the privacy of their files on the cloud, we provide software solutions, which are easier to use and yet far more secure and reliable than existing solutions

Energy Geostructures
Richard Dove
Energy Geostructures - Self heating buildings with the earth's core energy... Saving the planet from the inside out.

Vincent Delattre, Grégoire Courtine
G-Therapeutics develops clinical solutions for improving paralyzed patients autonomy, mobility and quality of life after neurological disorder

Ole Jakob Skjelten
Active membranes for the new generation of smart textiles in clothing and medical devices.

pEp security
Leon Schumacher
pEp – pretty Easy privacy – automatically changes the default for all written digital communication from unprotected & unencrypted to encrypted & anonymized.

Corey Houle, Rolf Luchsinger
TwingTec develops mobile wind energy systems for off-grid and temporary power supply applications

Pierpaolo Rebecchi
Umoov is an international website and mobile application for the search, discovery and promotion of any type of event and activity, all based on geolocation

Verity Studios
Markus Waibel
Verity Studios develops a new breed of interactive and autonomous flying machines

Igor Ivanov, Yosef Akhtman
VISNX provides integrated services for large-scale airborne monitoring and diagnostics of farmland.

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