Horyou Launches its Social Web TV

27.12.2014 09:19

Horyou, the Social Network for Social Good, begins a new chapter with the launching of Horyou TV, new developments, campaigns, and events. Horyou TV is accessible through the online platform and promotes socially oriented content with Horyou TV’s own productions.

With a dedicated space on the Horyou platform, the concept of Social Web TV aims to foster the interaction between Horyou users – Organizations, Personalities, and Members – and beyond, giving them the opportunity to discover and become inspired by people committed to the promotion of social good. Founder and CEO, Yonathan Parienti, states that, “Horyou social web TV focuses on bringing visibility to the positivity happening everywhere in the world. For us, acknowledging the importance of society, individual, and collective human experiences is fundamental. Simultaneously, Horyou TV actively supports, shares, and spreads the transmission of knowledge and the fundamental principles that are directly related to humanity and its social progress”.

Short documentaries are being released monthly, on the Horyou platform. The first series features Organizations on the platform from France (Sans A_), Cameroon (Cinéma Numérique Ambulant), and the United States (Green Bronx Machine). Every documentary is linked to the organization’s Horyou profile page, which facilitates interaction on the platform. Yonathan Parienti says, “By creating our Social Web TV, we want to give more visibility, within the platform and elsewhere, to the Organizations that are clearly impacting their community with innovative and solution-oriented projects and actions. Our Social Web TV strengthens Horyou’s role as an action oriented social network for social good.”

After the official release of its Beta stage platform in December 2013, Horyou has worked on various developments and initiatives, worldwide. Globally, more than 500 Organizations are currently on the platform. 80 nationalities enrich the daily interaction, together with 200 personalities, promoting social good.

Following the successful completion of SIGEF 2014 (Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum) organized by Horyou, the work continues with other projects and events, including the release of the Live & Dream Brazil campaign. This event is dedicated to Horyou members in recognition of their contribution to the platform, as well as, their actions offline. Registration to this event is open to all members of the Horyou platform. Two members will have the opportunity to travel to Brazil, free of cost, with Explorer and Horyou Personality Christian Holl.

Horyou is also preparing for its mobile application and the continuation of the platform’s technical evolution within the upcoming year. More information will follow regarding SIGEF 2015 and other Horyou Events.

About Horyou:
Horyou, headquartered in Geneva, is the Social Network for Social Good where Members, Organizations and Personalities support and promote solidarity through actions, while advocating a humanistic approach to technology. Horyou provides resourceful functionalities to encourage new ways of interacting with one another. At Horyou, social networking facilitates the process from ideas to concrete actions, while contributing to the building of meaningful and constructive interactions between the online and offline worlds: Dream, Inspire, and Act.

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