Tinynode: frame contract with VINCI Autoroutes

20.12.2013 10:44

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Tinynode has launched a car detector for outdoor parking. It allows the integration of on-street parking spaces into traffic management systems. The start-up has secured a large frame contract with VINCI Autoroutes, for the equipment of 20 French highway parking areas with vehicle sensing technology.

Cofiroute, a subsidiary of VINCI Autoroutes initiated the technology deployment in 2010 with 2 parking lots, completed by a large deployments (20+ parking lots) by Autoroutes du Sud de la France. Until June 2014, 20 additional highway parking areas will be equipped with Tinynode's Truck/HGVs detection system, contributing to smarter French highways.

"We are very proud of the renewed confidence VINCI group is placing in our company, our people and our products, year after year", says Tinynode's France Commercial Director Olivier Koch. "We are convinced that our continued commitment to provide the best possible technology and service has been key in VINCI's decision."

In total, 50 parking areas of the French highway network rely on Tinynode technology.

Together with the information dissemination through Variable Message Signs (VMSs), the deployment of the vehicle sensing infrastructure will help improve travel conditions for professional drivers and build a safer highway for all road users.

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