SwissLeg awarded CTI Start-up Label

12.12.2013 09:55

SwissLeg provides affordable prosthetic legs. Amputees in the developing world get access to useful prosthesis for the first time with the innovative product.

Thanks to an innovative prosthetic design and a simple manufacturing process with low-cost and readily available materials, SwissLeg can produce and sell comfortably fitted below-knee and above-knee prosthetic legs at the lowest cost in its category yet comparable to high-cost products. Until now tens of millions of amputees in the developing world didn’t have access to prosthesis because available products were unaffordable or of such a low quality that renders them useless. This wasn’t only a tragedy for the individuals concerned it also caused massive economic losses.

The second amazing feature of the SwissLeg product is its flexibility. The simple sequential process, from patient evaluation to final fitting, takes only three hours, allowing patients to literally walk out of the workshop the same day.

SwissLeg was founded in 2012 by Roberto Agosta (CEO), Paulo Gonçalves (COO) and Mohammad Ismail (CTO). Ismail is the designer and inventor of the SwissLeg technology. He is a professional Ortho-Prosthetist with over twenty years of experience and a former employee for the International Commission of the Red Cross (ICRC).

In 2013 the company won several awards most recently the First Prize of the Ashoka Impact Programme. On Wednesday SwissLeg was awarded the CTI Start-up Label. It’s a seal of quality, a certificate of achievement, and a sign of credibility and readiness for sustainable growth which can be obtained at the end of Phase III of the CTI start-up coaching process.

More information about SwissLeg can be found on the website of the start-up and on its Facebook page.

More information about the CTI Start-up coaching process and the CTI Start-up label can be found on the website of CTI Start-up.

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