SOPHiA Genetics is Top Global Innovator of the Year

02.08.2018 10:38

The Startup was elected as the business with the most potential to influence, change, or create new global markets by Disrupt 100. Two other Swiss startups, ChemAlive and Biowatch, also made the list comprising 100 international companies.

The Disrupt 100 is an annual index, tracking the world’s most disruptive businesses. Each Disrupt 100 venture is sourced from over 5 million global startups and corporate ventures and scored against a specific set of criteria measuring their potential to affect existing markets, introducing new clients into them and/or creating a new market themselves. The companies are judged by global brands including Google, tech accelerators like Microsoft Ventures, and entrepreneurs such as Bill Liao. The 2017 top 3 have raised more than $1.35bn in disclosed funding since last year’s index was launched.

This year’s list included businesses from 14 different countries across four continents. And for the first time since its launch in 2016 a Swiss startup, SOPHiA Genetics, is at the very top. SOPHiA Genetics built a big-data analytics platform, which harnesses clinicians’ medical expertise to enhance genomic diagnostic via AI algorithms. This will lead to better and faster diagnoses for patients with diseases such as cancers.

Two more Swiss startups made it into the top 40. ChemAlive, which is developing an automated cloud solution based on big data and quantum chemistry for the chemical and pharma industry, scored number 13. Biowatch with its vein recognition watch that poses as an authentication device, placed 36th on the list.

Interested startups can now submit their application to be featured on the 2019 Disrupt 100 online.


(Bild: Pixabay)

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