Wanted: Female Board members in the crypto sector

06.08.2018 15:50
Board room

The Zug based Crypto Valley Association seeks to expand its board with two female members. Registration is open for women who wish to apply for the two new seats.

Established in 2017, the Crypto Valley Association (CVA) strives to strengthen, shape and structure the crypto technology and blockchain ecosystem for Switzerland and the entire world. Since its founding, the association has seen continuous growth demonstrated by the growing interest in the technologies but also in its activities including the first Crypto Valley conference where over 800 attendees, 50 speakers and 40 academic presenters participated.

Additionally, the CVA has held two General assemblies. In the previous General Assembly, five members that make up the CVA Board agreed that gender equality and diversity are underrepresented in the Board. To address this issue, a special meeting of the CVA with focus on diversity has been called for 20th of September.

During the meeting, two female board members will be elected. The CVA thus invites qualified candidates within the community to submit their application and participate in this opportunity to bolster the current ecosystem, and share their talents and experiences. Candidates are requested to submit their CV and motivation letter to Rene Hüsler no later than Thursday, 30 August.


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