Business Angels Switzerland joins the Swiss investor delegation to India

06.08.2018 17:10

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A delegation of Swiss angels and investors will travel to India to explore the economy. Business Angels Switzerland will join the cohort to explore Indian economy and build bridges to foster collaboration.

India has become important destination for Swiss startups due to its expanding market opportunities and abundant talent. The continued involvement of Swiss startups in the Indian activities of the Indian economy plays a significant role in strengthening bilateral relationship between Switzerland and India.

However, not only startups show great interest: investors from Switzerland and India also want to seize the opportunity for bilateral exchange of intellectual and financial capital between the two economies. The first steps were initiated last year after swissnex brought 6 high-level Indian startup investors to Switzerland. During their visit, Business Angel Switzerland (BAS) organised an engaging peer-to-peer conversation between Indian and Swiss investors.

This year, swissnex India invites Swiss angels and investors. From 30th to 31st October 2018, the Swiss delegation will explore India and engage with the Indian startup ecosystem.

For the first time, BAS will be part of the delegation with seven of its members. The main goal is to discover best practices and new ideas on how to run the organisation better. Caroline Gueissaz, Managing Director of BAS, talks about their motivation to be a part of this pioneering initiative.

“There are two aspects at least that will inhabit our delegation to India: first the potential of collaboration between our Swiss startups with Indian startups and established companies and second the entry into India for those who have potential to sell their products or services in this huge market. In addition, part of the reason for this trip is to get a better understanding of other possibilities offered by this country that we do not know yet.”

Angel summit on legal aspects of cross-border investments
The Swiss delegation will attend India’s first cross-border Angel summit anchored by LetsVenture, India’s angel investment platform, in partnership with swissnex India. Startup investors from eight countries will join with Indian investors in country panels to discuss various topic including legal aspects of cross-border investments. The summit also provides venue for peer-to-peer exchange and startup pitches.

Swiss Institutional investors and members of angel groups, VCs who wish to explore co-investment with India-based counterparts and Swiss Family offices that would like to participate in this Switzerland-India startup investment exchange are invited to contact Prateek Khare, Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at swissnex India, Consulate General of Switzerland.


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