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Arca24 launches a Chatbot tool for automatic job interviews

20.08.2018 16:18

Bots use artificial intelligence to accomplish several tasks and soon, some job seekers may have their first job interview with them. The Ticino based Arca24 has launched its interview bot, CB1-18.

Often human resources are overwhelmed by the number of applications they receive for a single vacancy. The high number of applications requires equivalently a high amount of time to process until the right candidate is selected. The Ticino startup Arca24 strives to provide innovative solutions to optimize HR processes.

In addition to their existing solutions, the startup has now launched CB1-18, a recruiting bot that is capable of automating the most "time-consuming" phases in personnel selection.  

The bot is equipped with artificial Intelligence algorithms and a powerful semantic engine that enable it run the initial assessment of a large number of applications based on professional and personal specifications sought for by the employer.

During a video interview, the bot asks the candidate tailored questions. Based on the responses, skills and behaviour, it obtains the desired information and selects the most suitable candidate for the job. Twenty languages are available on the bot.

The project has reached an advanced stage, thanks to the financial support of the European Horizon 2020 programme. The startup team will now proceed to test the product during the next production phases with some of its customers who are already using the JobArch recruitment software. Moreover,, a platform of the Gruppo Corriere del Ticino for job ads will probably also test the new solution.

Arca24 is a startup located in Novazzano, Ticino, specialized in HR software solutions. The startup is composed of a team of 15 people, most of them dedicated to IT development. Today Arca24 has several customers from all over the world. The startup team also participated to the 2017 edition of the StartCup Ticino.


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More news about Arca24
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