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Bubo technologies enhances e-books reading experience

23.08.2017 12:20

Bubo Technologies is a Geneva-based startup revolutionizing how people experience e-books and music. The startup launched an app that allows users to read e-books, with music adapting to every word of the story and to the reader’s own pace. The beta version of the app has already been released in the Google Play store.

Launched earlier this summer, Bubo Technologies brings e-books and music together for a more immersive and emotional reading experience. The beta app showcases the first examples of this new generation of e-books: stories with music seamlessly synchronized to the plot and to the reader’s speed.

According to Bubo, “the music adapts to the individual reading speed of each user to ensure full immersion and a personalized experience. The user only needs to read and Bubo takes care of the rest.”

In the same way that music matches what is happening in a blockbuster film, Bubo enhances the mood of what is taking place in the book being read, which elevates the overall reading experience. The app can even slow down or speed the music up, based on how quickly someone is reading along. The more an individual user reads, the more the application understands their reading habit, and the better it can match the tunes to the words.

“We want to make Bubo a new exciting reason to read. We live in a world of short attention span, long commuting and amazing books forgotten in classrooms. Many readers already resort to music to help them focus on their books, but currently there is no seamless way of doing it without breaking the immersion in one way or another. Bubo changes this by integrating music into the written word in an adaptive, easy and immersive way” says co-Founder and co-CEO, Előd Balázs-Engelsen.

The Bubo team is currently a finalist at the Mass Challenge accelerator program. During these four months at the accelerator, they are focusing on improving the product and preparing for a public launch later this year, as well as extending their current book offering.

“The art of storytelling has many different forms, and music often plays a major role because of its emotional impact”, says Pablo J. Garmón, co-Founder and co-CEO. “At Bubo, we are lucky to have the artistic vision of great musicians, illustrators and designers to make each book unique. Thanks to the technology behind our app, we can provide a reading experience that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

The beta app comes with limited features however the team is currently working on their next major Android update (coming in September), which promises a new design and more sample chapters available to test. The iOS version is set to be released in September as well.

(Press release/ran)

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More news about Bubo Technologies
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