PapayaPods gears up in Spain and Switzerland

11.08.2017 12:15

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PapayaPods is joining forces with, Spain’s main online rental property website. The company, founded in Lausanne, is gathering momentum in Spain's and Switzerland's fast evolving rental markets. 

PapayaPods and Departiculares are joining forces to make rent in Spain easier. This new collaboration will bring benefits to landlords and tenants in a rental market that everyday believes less and less in letting agencies. PapayaPods, the only platform in Spain that offers a software to digitize and centralize every detail of the rental journey - and will work together to revolutionize the real-estate market, with the mission of making renting a more fair and transparent process.

This new joint collaboration will bring benefits to the two most important components of the rental market: tenants and landlords. According to data from Idealista, around 70% of landlords don’t want to work with letting agencies anymore. With the tools offered by both partners, tenants and landlords can connect directly in a simple way without any third parties.

Both platforms are changing a market model that, amongst other things, can go as far as charge 10% fees to tenants, annually (if you spend, say £600 a month on rent, that would be a £720 fee), for providing a service that most of the time doesn’t do as much as showing tenants the property they’re interested in renting. For owners, fees can escalate as high as 20%. 

PapayaPods started three years ago in Switzerland, as an online software custom made to solve the modern challenges that the rental market faces. The company selected for the Venture Leaders Technology Team in Spring employs already 18 persons. With PapayaPods, both tenants and landlords can manage and organize every rent related process. 

With the joint work, landlords can publish their ads through by using Papayapods online software, in a safe and easy way. They can also manage their interactions with tenants or potential tenants through PapayaPods. With this, they will have covered mostly all steps needed for the rental journey. 

PapayaPods will also be gathering momentum in Switzerland in the coming months. The startup will be releasing at the end of this week a revamped and optimized version of its software platform. The company has also announced to that it will be partnering with, the website specializing in real estate sales and rental in Western Switzerland. Last but not least, the company is in advanced discussions with major swiss online portals for the end of this year. 


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