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Neeo’s smart remote control is now available in the market

21.08.2017 13:05
Neeo remote

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, Neeo AG, the Solothurn based startup specialising in home automation and the internet of things (IoT), is now shipping its smart remote. Neeo has also announced three additional offers its customers.

Neeo, a Solothurn based startup with offices in the United States, developed an intelligent home automation system that allows users to switch all electronic devices with only one remote control. The a smart remote based on the Neeo system consists of two components, the "brain" as the center and the remote which recognizes the user's hand and allows access to the media.

“We created Neeo because we believe that using technology in your home should be much simpler, quicker and it should feel more natural. One simple and consistent interface in the entire home, instead of all those complicated remotes and apps; this proofed to be exactly what people were waiting for," said  Raphael Oberholzer, CEO and founder of Neeo.

After raising more than 1.5 million dollars in their crowdfunding campaign in 2015, winning awardsincluding the  W.A de Vigier Award and the Swiss ICT Award, Neeo has yet again reached significant milestone: the Neeo remote is now on the market. As of Friday, the Neeo team started the shipment of the NEEO remote to their customers. Moreover, the startup has announced three additional offers for its customers.

Neeo is offering asoftware development kit "NEEO SDK" for developers to provide them an ideal environment to develop software to unlock the full potential of Neeo.

Furthermore, Neeo’s betateam and its partners have created a community platform called “Planet NEEO” to allows Nee customers to share content, discuss and vote on the next features, read news and share their experiences. With Planet NEEO, users have a direct link to the developers, designers and all members from the BETA team.

Lastly, the Neeo announced that it is offering Voice API Voice to allow voice speakers to get access to all of the over 60’000 devices that NEEO supports. This will allow users to trigger all your favourite recipes with it.

“One of the most important factors to make this all happen was the support that we received along the way. And in the very right moment, we received encouraging e-mails and comments from the public”, said Oberholzer.


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More news about Neeo AG
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