225 Swiss Video Games have already been released

03.08.2017 09:30

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The Swiss Developers Game Association has published a list of playable Swiss video games that have been released and those yet to be. While 225 games have already been released, 48 games are still under development. By 2016,  210 Swiss games were already on the market.

Swiss Game Developers Association (SGDA) is a non-profit organisation whose objective is to create a supportive political environment and professionalization through promotion of knowhow and young talents as well as the increased visibility of a strong Swiss game industry.

SGDA released a list to index every Swiss video game that has ever been released. Typical to the Swiss game scene tradition, the list has been a group effort, initiated by David Janet and then extended by many contributors.

Currently, the list comprises of 225 Swiss games which have already been published. The oldest games date back to 2004. These are, Babe Rally by bitforge and Berlin Chaos by bitforge, both available for java. The latest games, except those yet to be launched, were released this year. These include Onirigami by Tourmaline (iOS, Android and connected toys) and Parkineers by Gbanga available for iOS/Android.

Last year 14 Swiss games were released. These include:

Anshar Wars 2 (OZWE Games / Sunnyside Games) Gear VR + Oculus RIFT

Basler StadtNatour (Gbnaga), iOS/Android

CowFight - Combat de Reines (Metamorphe), IOS / Android

Edgar the Explorer (Filipe Mathez and Paul Ronga), iOS

Galaxy Invaders VR (Gbanga), Android/Samsung Gear VR

Mehr Platz für Dich (Gbanga), iOS/Android

Niche - a genetics survival game (Team Niche)

Silly World Series (N-Dream), AirConsole

Smart urban golf (Gbanga), iOS/Android

SuperAirSlam (Markus Rossé), AirConsole

Super Fleet Manager (Gbanga), iOS / Android

Tower of Babel (DNA Studios), AirConsole

Vote for me (Digital Kingdom), iOS/Android

Watch your Back (DNA Studios), AirConsole

Additionally, SGDA has released a second list of games that are still in development. The list consists 48 are coming soon.

On behalf of SGDA, Matthias Sala, President of SGDA and Founder of Gbanga, says: “Switzerland is a small country. However, a lot of games are produced and some of them are internationally very successful, like the Landwirtschaftssimulator which is often in the bestselling rankings on all platforms and in many regions. Innovation and playful experimentation make the quality of Swiss games particularly outstanding. And there is potential, which can be identified in accessibility, marketing and international reach.”

About his perspective on the future of the game industry, Sala says that Swiss game developer scene is becoming more professional and sustainable every month. “I’m looking forward to see the currently success teams thriving and growing.” With this, he advises game developers to continue the good work with great creativity. “Keep your core game simple and sound and be bold enough to talk about your game everywhere”, he says.

The list will further be developed to include all other games that have not been mentioned.

The PDF below shows all the Swiss playable Swiss games ever released and those soon to be released.


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